DU Admission Test English and Bangla Question Solution (B Unit)

DU Admission Test English and Bangla Question Solution (B Unit)

English Question Solution (B Unit)

1. The Gypsies are people who- Answer: are always on the move.
2. The Gypsies like to live in tents because- Answer: it is easy to put them up.
3. The English took them for Egyptians-means: Answer: The English brought them from Egypt.
4. Which of the following words does not match with the word- Wander? Answer: Nomad
5. Which of the following statement is true? Answer: Gypsies are treated with more.
6. Had I heard the weather report, I ——-an umbrella. Answer: I would have taken

7. A day on Mars—–slightly ——-than a day on earth. Answer: is, longer
8. My nephew——chicken pox this weekend. Answer: came round with
9. There’s paper—–the floor. Please put it —–the wastebasket. Answer: on, in
10. Do you know the name of —-artist who painted this portrait? Answer: no article
11. The chairman decided to call off the meeting. The meaning of the words in hold is: Answer: postpone
12. Its Party finished. There is ——-left. Answer: Something

13. The Recipe for Vegetable soup has a number of different——. Answer: ingredients
14. By the middle of the twenty first centuries, the computer—-a necessity is every home. Answer: will have become.
15. Although research scientist had hoped that the new drug interferon ——to be a cure for cancer, its application now appears to be more limited. Answer: would prove
16. Synonym of the Word “Tenacious”. Answer: Firm
17. Like foolish people who continue to live near an active volcano, many of us are ——–about —–of atomic warfare and its attendant destruction. Answer: unconcerned, threat
18. Which word is spelt correctly? Answer: hypochondriac
19. What is the synonym of “Exhausted” Answer: Drained
20. What is the antonym of “Gloomy” Answer: Bright
21. Correct Translation is: Answer: we should be hopeful about our future.
22. Correct Sentence: Answer: the announcer awarded the prize to jamil and me

23. Correct Sentence: Answer: Irom Sharmila Has been on hunger strike since the year 2000.
24. Correct Sentence: Answer: Whose glasses are these? Are these yours or Sohel’s?
25. Value Means: Answer: Principles

Bangla Question Solution (B Unit)



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