JNU Admission Test B Unit Answer

JNU Admission Test B Unit Answer

1. They reached the —–(at,by)
2. The Bangladesh cricket team —-(bounced back)
3. A person who studies —-(Philologist)
4. Correction: (The boat sank in the Padma)
5. Her grades this semester —(must have)
6. A person who writes —-( playwright)
7. Spelling – Humorous
8. What would have—-(the bridge had broken)
9. Voice- (Too much eating is not to be liked by her)
10. Emancipate (A) —– (enslave)


11. Correction: (I saw them playing soccer in the field)
12. I had to run—-(keep on)
13. Analogy—-(disturbing: soothing)
14. Although non-renewable—–(them)
15. Title: Appropriate use of Email
16. Main idea—–(is not always the easiest way to connect people from distant offices)
17. Eliminate: (remove)
18. Productivity—–(noun)
19. The passage—–(precise)
20. The bus—–(on time)


21. If I had —– (would have gone)
22. English is today —— (most spoken)
23. My students —– (as frequent)
24. Correction: I would love to go to the movie with you)

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